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News: 8/3/21

Posted 'Wazee: A Brief History of Denver's Chinatown July 3rd.

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Welcome to Wewatta Row


Wewatta Row is a digital museum in the making and dedicated to preserving the forgotten history of early Denver. The sections on the home page can be thought of as “wings” while the posts inside can be likened to exhibits. For now there are five wings, their names and subjects are as follows:

Wewatta Row:

The titular Row will focus on the pioneer life of the early traders and others who inhabited Waiwopta Row. Their origins and purposes for braving the frontier and coming to Pike's Peak will be explored as well as their communications and social relations with the native tribes. William McGaa as "Chief" of the Waiwopta will be a central character.

Wazee Row:

This Wing will focus on the rich history of the early Asian pioneers. From town to temple, mining to laundry, to vice and virtue, all aspects of daily life will be explored. Qing and Ming groups will both be represented fairly and without bias. Sincere, honest, and thoughtful examinations of spiritual beliefs and practices will beautify a big portion of this wing.


In the Wapoola wing, you will find exhibits dedicated to the Hinonoeiteen and Tsitsistas tribes of the South Platte. The Oglala Lakota will also be examined in depth with the whole wing acting as a comparative examination of beliefs and daily life between these culturally diverse groups.

Denver City:

In the city section, town building will be the main topic. Three groups will feature here: diehard union boys, Southern Confederates, and the Eastern Band of Cherokee. Their diverse intentions and ideals will be examined as well as their interactions with the other groups of the South Platte River. Nineteenth century fraternal organizations will be discussed in a realistic and non-sensationalist manner.

All Around the Town:

This wing is intended as an art and architecture wing.  Brick work from some of our earliest buildings will be examined and Specific features will be discussed such as lintels, corbels, and columns. Ornament will figure prominently and some posts will naturally be “picture heavy”. An exhibit of Riverside Statuary and elaborate markers is tentatively planned for this section as well.

Wings will be added if needed. Updates to exhibits will occur as new information is recovered or material that would add depth is procured. In the case of a big update (e.g.  the 'Dragon Vein' update: upcoming additional material and modification to the Black tortoise section for the first `Azure Dragon’ exhibit) then brief update notes will be listed after the source lists of said exhibit. The latest three exhibit posts will be displayed on the home screen and “coming soon” titles of planned exhibits will be listed in their respective wings. Latest exhibit releases, website library additions and major update news will be posted to IG and Twitter as well as being listed in a small “what’s new” section that will appear at the top of this `about` page. Comment and members section will be coming soon as well.

Thanks for your interest and for stopping by. Feel welcome to come back anytime and see whats been dug up on “The Row”.





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