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All digital material in the Wewatta Row library is solely intended for educational and archival purposes, public and private. 


Academic Papers


Wazee Trilogy

Chinese Immigration Into the United States 1850-1880

Kil Young Zo

The Growth and Decline of Chinese Communities in the Rocky Mountain Region

Rose Hum Lee

The Chinese in Colorado 1869-1911

by Gerald Rudolph

Feng Shui: Intuition, Not Just Superstion. Architecture: Superstition, Not Just Intuition.

Derham Groves

Some Similarities Between the Feng Shui of Chinese Joss Houses in Australia and Postmodern Architecture
Derham Groves
Rocky Mountain News
August 5, 1875

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper 

August 20,1859

Rocky Mountain News

April 25, 1860

Stagecoaches Along Cherry Creek

Charles A. Johnson

The Barker Diary

Nolie Mumey

Ching Wing and His Laundry

a "comedy" in 3 acts

11-1-1880 Anti-Chinese Riot Accounts of 10-31-1880

'Chinese Gone'

Rocky Mountain News

'Mob Law'

Denver Republican

'Denver's Disgrace'

Denver Daily Times

'Hurrah For Hancock' & pg.4

Denver Tribune

'Mob Law'

Denver Tribune 11-2-1880

Chief Roberts Account



Maps of Denver City

and Auraria Town 

Dugal Map

Dugal Map Key

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