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'Book of Breath' pt 1 Narmer

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Quick Interview about the Scorpion Mace head.

Close up of the 'Scorpion Mace Head' pre dynastic Egypt

Wewatta: “Narmer, can you please elaborate on the scorpion seen on the "scorpion mace head?"”

Narmer: “Catfish Chisel...really? Anyway, the scorpion is a scepter that is a physical representation of what you people call "the right hand rule."”

Scorpion Macehead
Clockwise from top left: Demonstration of the "right hand rule" with scorpion superimposed to illustrate likeness, the X,Y, and Z axis with scorpion to illustrate likeness, the Scorpion on the macehead with body shown from overhead while tail and handle are side view, the X,Y, Z Axis used in three dimensional coordinate calculation, Center: Emoji scorpion and fist to demonstrate how the scepter would have been held.

Narmer: “Because that concept is how you find the star at the middle of the slow spin of stars that takes place over the course of a year. It is the orbital pole on what you guys call the orbital plane. You might also like to know that that slow spin of stars is also represented by the vulture, which soars slowly, high above our heads. Lower Egypt likes the stars that spin around real fast over the course of the night, you know, the ones that you people take time lapse, "star trail", photographs of? That is why they like the quick coiling representation of the snake.”

Clockwise from top left: Four seasons of the year superimposed over each other to illustrate the slow circling movement the stars make over the course of the year, the vulture and cobra flanking an "eye"; a star in this case the one that marks the ecliptic pole, a coiled snake over the star trail movement around the earths axis that happens over the course of the night, Wadjet, a map showing the difference of stellar movement caused by the ecliptic pole and earths axis utilizing the vulture and coiling snake as illustrators, the vulture crown of upper Egypt.

Narmer: “Of course, that "flower" is the heavenly star that is missing from the middle of that swift swirl of stars that Lower Egypt likes. That is why it is behind me on my famous palette. It is being held for me while I smite Lower Egypt. Notice I do that with my right hand, while I pull with my left.”

“By the way, the white "bowling pin" type crown I wear on that palette represents that fixed star we in upper Egypt find using that "right hand rule" and is symbolic of a bright lotus growing in the dark mud. Lower Egypt likes that Papyrus reed bent into a swirl; that represents both the swift swirl that their stars make and the weird pulling movement on the stars made over time by what you call "stellar precession"”

Wewatta: “Wait, its only conjectured that you guys were aware of "stellar precession".”

Narmer: Sigh “We figured a lot of that astronomy and geometry out before, and through, the times you guys refer to as "Naqada 1,2, and 3". Ever heard of "Nabta Playa", geeez, give us some credit.”

Wewatta: “Ok, well that reed on the crown of Lower Egypt is interesting, does that reed have anything to do with Seshat?”

Narmer: “You know Seshat? Brilliant woman that one, shame what I had to do. But yes, the reed on her head is the shaft of an arrow with a seven pointed star for the tip. She uses that bow that is referred to as “bull’s horns” above her head to shoot it. She uses the “Z” axis of that “right hand rule” to plot the trajectory.”

Wewatta: “So she aims… shoots…”

Narmer: “…and places it in the center of that swift swirl of stars they like so much in LoDa.”

Wewatta: LoDa?

Narmer: “lol, yeah, the Lower Delta. In Lower Egypt? You nobody’s never have your finger on the pulse of elitist life.”

Wewatta: “Gee, ok. Well, you mentioned that it was a shame what happened to Seshat, can you elaborate?”

Narmer: “You can see for yourself. On my palette. On the other side you see me wearing her crown with my servant guarding her star. She can be seen under that “U” shaped cord symbol with two loops, above that mound of earth. She is dressed in her leopard skin and holding wilted papyrus stems.”

“She looks pretty sad. Maybe ‘cause she 'aint gonna be shootin' them anywhere anymore, amirite? Or amirite?”

Wewatta: “You know, for that being a so called makeup palette, you don't come off lookin' so good from it.”

Narmer: 😂"make up"😂. “Anyway, back to the mace head, it shows me subjugating lower Egypt While wearing their crown. More interesting though, is that the combined crown of upper and lower Egypt appears for the first time on it. That shattered part that features two of those "stellar flowers" represents the two middles of the star spins and swirls, both annual and daily, of Upper and Lower Egypt. You can see a small portion of the swirly reed of Lower Egypt on the crown next to them, but the missing part shows the Upper Egypt portion; Its the first recorded use of the Pschent.”

“Looks Good on me.”

Wewatta: “Not that good.”

Narmer: “Listen you little nobody, you're lucky I am even giving you my time. Maybe you should just write this up, with some nice little pictures, and explain it to the rest of the little nobody’s. You get one last question before I bring the wrath of Serket down on you.”

Wewatta: “Yeah, I don’t think she's too happy with you. Anyway, what’s up with the Scorpion scepter/ Was Scepter hieroglyph that was found beneath Djosers Step pyramid and is now at the Imhotep Museum?”

Narmer: (Frustrated) “Fuck off, go ask Ptah.”

Wewatta: “Maybe...I...will. Bye❤”

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