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Wazee Row Tours

Chinatown Tour

Wazee Row's Chinatown Tour offers a unique view into the central enclave of Denver's early Asian pioneers. Spanning an area of six city blocks and tucked away in the streets and alleys of West Central LoDo, this area has remained largely obscure in the recounted history  of Denver and has never been the subject of guided exploration. Utilizing a one of a kind composite panorama from 1880, an original layout constructed from fire maps of the period, contemporary photographs from numerous archives, and various written media from old newspapers to recently published books, we will explore the history and locale of Chinatown Denver. Topics that will be discussed include: laundries, indentured servitude and human trafficking (slavery), opium culture, spiritual practices,  Qing-Ming factional rivalry, and of course, the riot of 1880. Additional results from research efforts unique to, and conducted by, Wewatta Row will also be reviewed including the unreleased information for the 'Azure Dragon' update. Historical content will not be limited to Wazee street, Blake streets early diversity will also be a topic.Tours are available weekends at ten o'clock when booked online, but alternate times can be arranged through e-mail. Tours are limited to small groups of  four people per tour. Price is 10$ per person, 5$ Student.

Native Town Tour

Rumors, rumors, rumors. The city of Denver was founded on rumors. Rumors of who was here first, who built the first house, of how much gold was here, of who was a cheat, who was a drunk or who was a hero. After a hundred and fifty some years those rumors have turned into a one sided “banjo history” of claim jumpers and gold fever that gets bolstered by vague facts and half truths. The truth is that there was a community here before the 59rs came, a diverse and loose knit community that would help shape Denver during its first decades of growth. The story of this community and its peoples are the subject of the Native Town tour located on Auraria Campus. Using first person accounts and periodicals of the time, tour goers will view early and rarely seen images of Denver and hear the true circumstances present at the time. Figuring prominently in the tour will be one William McGaa and what I refer to as “The McGaa Plan”. Based on the “Raffles Plan” of Singapore, the explanation of this plan will shed a new light on this Denver’s history and provide insight on the peoples of this area and their relationship with the newcomers. It will also offer the most comprehensive and logical explanation for the naming of Denver’s original streets, a subject that is still far from definitive to this day. Along the way we will talk about different aspects of architecture in the historic 9th street park, discuss the history of the tivoli block and mentally recreate the forgotten ‘Brick Block’. We will also trace out the location of old Dick Wootens two story building and crack a couple of Denver “easter eggs”. 



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