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Wazee Row Tours: Chinatown

Thank you for your interest in exploring Denver's historic Chinatown. Before booking please take note that we will be walking through the streets and alleys of Lower Downtown, so dress accordingly. Strict adherence to pedestrian laws and safety are the responsibility of the guest. Wewatta Row holds no responsibility of  guest injury resulting from, but not limited to, "jaywalking". Awareness in the alleys is a must, and crossing in the middle of 16th and 15th streets is possible but I have no problem waiting at the crosswalk with you. In addition, Denver was a wild place then and can be now, basic street safety and protection is also the responsibility of the guest, Wewatta Row will not be liable for any injury resulting from attack by "ruffians" or "highbinders". Please keep in mind that the era and location that this tour covers is not often talked about in depth and contains subject matter that is best handled by mature minds. The subject matter might also trigger strong emotional responses and inspire the want of independent research. Wewatta Row holds no responsibility for feelings of depression or obsessive thoughts felt by the guest following the tour. Additionally, two PDF's are  available for download at the bottom of the page that contains maps for viewing on your device before and during the tour. While these pictures and media will be available to be shown to those who would rather not download the PDF, personal copies are both convenient and help maintain distance. Thank you again for your interest in Denver's magical Chinatown, I look forward to sharing it with you.



LoDo Historical Directory

vol. 1

Riot Accounts

Wazee Row

1880 Panorama

and Wewatta Map of  LoDo

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